“THEM ONLY THEY CAN MAKE US RICH!” The title says it all. Today, we learn that ITunes Radio and Rhapsody Radio are merging. We already know that iTunes will be the replacement for Napster. What we do not know is, Will they put EVERYTHING into the bundle, like THIS IS WHY TODAY THEY PUT EVERYTHING IN LIKE THIS!



Many will say, “But iTunes is a free service and Rhapsody isn’t! Then how can they combine the two?” Well, the answer is simple. They will take YOUR music and add in their advertising along with it, thus making it more appealing to the paying consumer.

There are many factors that come into play when making a xrp price prediction. Lets start with the merging of the two services. Apple is going to give users a choice to download from either Rhapsody or iTunes. I am sure many will choose to go to Rhapsody, because of the massive popularity of that service. Some will choose to download from iTunes because it is more family oriented, while others choose it because of the huge number of radio stations to choose from. I hope you get what I mean.

Let us look at what this means for xrp price predictions. I have no information on the exact numbers, but my guesstimate is that the prices will be more or less the same, because of the merging of the two services. This is good for the market, because people will have fewer choices and will likely buy only from the top directory that is in iTunes. This is a great thing, especially since there will be fewer problems and glitches. The only bad thing is that users will have fewer options and will likely have to resort to iTunes instead of their favorite site.

Another factor that will affect or price prediction is the manner in which the products are introduced to the market. With Rhapsody users, they will be able to download directly to their computer. With art, it will likely have to go through the iTunes system, and the process will be quite long. I think most people will be fine with the long process, because of the lack of technical obstacles.

One other thing to watch for when looking at the top price prediction is what sort of media will be pushing this product. With Rhapsody, they will probably promote it heavily on music-related websites, but will not really promote it heavily on the internet. There will be xrp sites though, such as the iTunes Music Store. They will likely also try and push it heavily on the newsgroups and discussion forums that exist today. I don’t know why, but there’s a distinct lack of online promotion for xrp right now.

The last factor that we will look at is that the top price prediction will be affected by the number of distributors that actually take advantage of the product. If Rhapsody is taken seriously by the industry, they will become quite popular. While that is certainly the case, the number of distributors will be incredibly low, causing the price to drop. This shouldn’t happen though, because while Rhapsody could become a major hit, it isn’t a program that anyone can take lightly.

If you look at all the factors that we have discussed here, it’s pretty clear that no matter what happens today, the top price prediction will be influenced heavily by today. I think that there is a strong possibility that the price of art will continue to drop in the coming months. It is a good idea though to take a long hard look at this prediction, and make sure that it isn’t based off of hearsay or just a random opinion. For the most part, the people who are making money with xrp today are doing so because they are betting that it will continue to grow.

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