Huge Things Coming Down the Road – The Story Behind Cryptosporidium


Cryptocurrency Headaches is being caused by huge things coming up in the world. Big news is being released about NSA programs, the unrest in the Middle East and economic bubbles. These things create huge amounts of instability in financial markets and currencies all around the world. The supply exceeds the demand and now major central banks are creating policies to try and stop the inflation. Let’s discuss some of the biggest challenges that cryptos faces in this new climate.

The first issue is the price of cryptos. Right now they trade for less than two dollars a share and the price has been consistent for the past few years. However, the new supply exceeds the demand meaning that the price of cryptos is constantly going up. It’s a new market with new risks for any trader who wants to get involved and makes a living in it.

Another big thing is the Federal Reserve or central banks all over the world. If the Federal Reserve raises interest rates too much the whole economy will be hurt. With all the debt that is sitting on top of our already fragile financial structure it’s hard to imagine what will come next. The last thing that we need right now is more hype, more volatility and more potential for disaster. A new market and more regulation are in order.

One other big thing coming out of the woodwork is RFID technology. This technology can track your shopping and banking habits without you knowing. The great thing about it is that it can be completely undetectable by anyone but yourself. So even if you have a lot of people stealing your identity, you’ll still be alright. This new tech will likely be implemented in the next year or two as everyone learns about it.

Another huge development is Cryptosporidium. This parasite was recently discovered in the middle of Asia and has been killing many people. This parasite will mutate into tiny eggs that can be ingested through your food. The news isn’t saying how this parasite is getting here or why it is so deadly but you can expect something major to come out about cryptosporidium pretty soon.

Other than these two huge parasite’s the other big thing on the horizon is genetically modified crops. Farmers have been working on genetically modifying wheat and feeding it to the world’s food supply. These modified crops will have bigger heads, brighter colors and much stronger crops. It seems this could be the answer to helping save the world’s food supply.

Some scientists are saying that this technique could be used to create a super food that we could feed starving countries. The only problem with this is that once the bacteria are introduced into the human bloodstream it becomes immune to anything in the bloodstream. This means that it will then be resistant to any attempts to remove it from your system. This is a big concern because cryptosporidium and giardia are both illnesses that can be caused by this type of bacteria.

These are just a few of the huge things coming our way in the future. One has to ask; “Are we better prepared?” If we are not we could really hurt our economy, raise health care costs and possibly have a very difficult time finding other solutions to health problems in the future. Think about it.

These concerns have prompted the Food and Drug Administration to convene a top panel of scientists to discuss the ramifications of cryptosporidium and giardia entering into the nation’s food supply. Although no conclusions have been made as of yet, the panel is considering how best to regulate these imports. One solution being discussed now is the use of genetically modified crops.

The FDA has already approved the planting of these crops, but the controversy still rages on. Many are concerned about the risks associated with this type of technology. Even though no one has died from eating cryptosporidium or giardia, some people remain concerned. This is a very huge issue and one that must be dealt with very carefully. We cannot afford to lose the food supply over a frivolous fear such as a silly fear or a hoax.

Whatever the case may be, we can be sure that there will be huge things coming down the road concerning this precious substance. Whether it ends up being used for medicine or for other purposes remains to be seen. For now, it is important that people are educated about the dangers associated with cryptosporidium. Being prepared could make a real difference in the future. As the world wakes up to the fact that cryptosporidium is a big and dangerous problem, hopefully we will be able to move past this issue quickly and find a better solution.

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