Ripples XRP – What is it and Where Can I Buy It ?

Recently I was looking at the ripple XRP ELONmusk Twitter page and was wondering what their take was on the recent news that RCPP is headed to be removed from the OTCBB. After all, the organization has been around for quite some time now and has built up a considerable network of distributors and partners. They have also developed a strong following on Twitter as well.


As someone who follows the news in this industry very closely, I was wondering if this is just a knee jerk reaction or if this is going to have long term impact on the stock price. The ripple XRP ELONmusk twitter page seems to indicate that it is a “no brainer” that RCPP will be exiting the market in the near future. The company does not mention any specific products or specifics however, perhaps due to internal politics.

When you are talking about companies that trade on the OTCBB, you have to understand that there can only be one victor. If one company stops trading, then it doesn’t matter how many other companies or players lost money. If no one is trading, then the ripple will continue to exist. This makes me think that they are purposely taking this path in order to garner more attention and hence, higher price. If you look at the financial statements for RCPP, you’ll see that the stock is priced at a great value and should be very profitable for them down the road.

On top of publicly stated factors, there are some less known ones. For example, elon musk may have already started to look into using his RCPP shares as a means of funding his upcoming philanthropic efforts. If he indeed uses the stock as capital, then the price should appreciate greatly due to the philanthropy and public relations that the company will have gained.

Right now, the stock price is valued around two hundred dollars. If you were to calculate the amount of profit that would be gained if you sold all of your shares for a buck, you would probably laugh in their face. However, if you were to multiply this by the number of shares being offered, you might realize that it’s really not such a bad idea after all. One buck is worth almost forty dollars at the current exchange rate. This is a pretty sweet deal considering that you don’t even have to wait for the market to open up in order to sell your shares.

Traders love it for its simplicity. It also allows them to trade under strict spreads which further lowers the costs and increases liquidity. Some people say that it may be a good idea to sell everything off if the RCPP ever rises by two percent. That would give you a nice profit, especially since there is very little risk associated with trading stocks like this. The only real problem is that if it rises by five percent or more, then you’re suddenly in serious hot water.

However, this wouldn’t be a problem if you knew how to properly analyze it. There are a ton of resources online where you can find these graphs, charts, and other technical analysis tools that will help you better understand this type of market. There are also websites dedicated solely to giving out advice and tips to savvy investors that are looking to pick up RCPP shares. There are even some communities of people who are solely interested in discussing this type of stock.

It seems that the best thing about RCPP is that it has an amazing track record of producing strong results for those who purchase the stock. It seems likely that this stock will continue to do so for years to come. There are many reasons why people are excited about it. If you are one of those people that wants to get involved in trading stocks, then it might be worth your while to investigate Ripples XRP elon musk.

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